How to buy Lithium Ion cells?

How to buy Lithium Ion cells?

In India the Lithium ion battery or cells market is expected to grow at a CAGr of 12.47 percent according to study.The total battery market for Lithium ion batteries will reach 5 billion USD by 2026.The recent covid 19 Pandemic and also the Petrol and Diesel price surge breaks a stigma for accepting Electric Vehicle for the masses.Indian vehicle owens started looking for electric mobility option for daily commuting purpose .Now for this Electric Vehicle s Power Source we need Huge volume of Lithium ion cells .Now in India many entrepreneurs are starting their battery Manufacturing business. Here everyone is making battery packs ,now the question is..are they selecting the right cells for their battery pack?

Steps to Follow for Cell Selection:

When you are buying your Lithium ion cells for the lithium ion battery pack there are few steps to follow….

  1.  For which purpose you are selecting the cell
  2. You will make your battery for energy storage application or forp electric vehicle battery.
  3. Warranty period offered by you for your customer
  4. Make batteries for low speed motors or for high speed motors.
  5. Charging and discharging time

These points are very important regarding selection of cells for making li ion battery packs. Because in the market there are several types of cells available. Many models are available of cells so they have different specifications. You will find some cells that we can charge or discharge at a faster rate so these cells we can use for electric vehicles. Now you will find some cells take a long time to discharge and charge so we can use these cells for making batteries for solar energy storage or normal grid storage applications. For making batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage, battery or Cell chemistry is also very important. As per chemistry, some cells are safer than others, some cells can provide a longer lifespan. In India mail NMC cells and LFP cells are most acceptable. We use many cylindrical cells for every application. Prismatic cells are mainly used for storage applications and pouch cells are limited to use of mobile phone and consumer electronics battery storage applications.

In Conclusion:

So in conclusion we can conclude that every cell as per their chemistry e as per their types as per their size they have different features so we have to select as per our demand. First of all we have to select the application for which application we will make the battery pack. At last we can say making a battery pack it's not an easy task. We need a proper selection procedure to follow to make a sustainable rigid long life battery pack.